Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos was banned in the UAE in 2006 following Ministerial Council Decision 39. Prohibition of Import, Production and Use of asbestos Sheets/Board.  It is still very much present in the local region and in many cases, the public are unaware of the dangers these materials pose and just how often they appear in our daily activities.

Anthesis Consulting Middle East have surveyed a variety of sites, of all ages, and identified Asbestos in buildings constructed as recently as 2014.  Asbestos is still in circulation within the region and an Asbestos Survey could help identify any potential risks posed by the material.

There are over 3500 different products that contain Asbestos but due to little awareness, people often think only Asbestos cement sheets are a danger.  Common building materials such as roof sheets, partition walls, gaskets, insulation, ceiling tiles and pipes can all contain Asbestos and these materials are still being acquired; ready to be installed in new construction projects.

Anthesis Consulting Middle East have recently found Asbestos in plant rooms, car parks, electrics, pipework and across building uses such as schools, power plants, hospitals and construction sites.  Asbestos can even be used within the building fabric, inside walls and doors for fire proofing, in ceiling voids as fire breaks or to insulate internals of cables and piping.  It’s important to communicate the threat Asbestos still holds in the region and make everyone aware of its’ dangers and just how often we can come in to contact with it.

An Asbestos Management Survey or Refurbishment Survey could help identify Asbestos at your site, Anthesis Consulting Middle East can put together risk ratings, recommendations and assist in managing or even removing your Asbestos.